Direct Deposit Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: 6/24/2021

I understand that the specific requirements to set up Direct Deposit, including when my Direct Deposit request will be effective, can be obtained only by contacting the person or business initiating the deposit (“Depositor”) directly. BM Technologies, Inc., through the T-Mobile MONEY product (accounts provided by Customers Bank, Member FDIC), provides the means to request Direct Deposit as a convenience to me and make no representations regarding any specific criteria that my Depositor may require in order to successfully set up Direct Deposit. I understand that I am responsible to reach out to my Depositor with any specific questions or to verify that my Direct Deposit request has been received and processed, especially before setting up or changing any bill pay or other automatic debits from my account that rely on my Direct Deposit being effective.

I understand that I am giving this Depositor permission to deposit payments directly into the checking or savings account(s) I have designated on each pay date. I understand that my deposit may not be credited to my account until the date directed by my Depositor.

I have verified that the routing number and account number are accurate. I understand that if I have not provided accurate routing and account numbers, BM Technologies, Inc., and this Depositor are not liable for any mistake resulting from inaccurate routing and account numbers. I assume responsibility to verify deposits to my account in a timely manner and understand that the Depositor is not responsible for any bank fees that my financial institution may charge. I authorize this Depositor to make necessary adjustments electronically or by any other commercially accepted method to my account to correct any overpayments or credit entries made in error.

This form supersedes any prior Direct Deposit authorization previously signed by me. This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until I cancel it by completing another Direct Deposit authorization or I contact this Depositor.

I understand that this Depositor can cancel my participation in the direct deposit program, if necessary, without my written permission.

If I have questions about requirements, timeframes, or other terms and conditions surrounding my Direct Deposit, I will contact my Human Resources, Payroll department, or other relevant contact at my Depositor directly.